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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Many times, families have lingering questions when a loved one dies. In a wrongful death situation, unfortunately, grieving family members who do not have the assistance of a lawyer can be left without any answers. A personal injury lawyer can help you reach closure by getting the answers you deserve.

The loss of a loved one can mean losing the family’s primary breadwinner, whose income paid the mortgage or rent and provided for household needs. Losing this income along with incurring significant medical and funeral expenses can damage a family both emotionally and economically.

Brann Sullivan Trial Lawyers have helped many families pursue answers after the wrongful death of a loved one-death cause by the negligent actions of someone else. If you have lost a loved one through what you believe to be neglect or negligence, please contact us. We have the knowledge, training and experience to begin an investigation that can help you find the answers and justice you deserve.

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